The slow run

Music/lyrics: B. Damberg

Life is just a long moment, a slow run through time.
Like a leaf falls from its tree, we all move through time.
Try to figure what you’ll see in your mind when you’re gone.
Is it the dim light in the morning, just before the day is starting?
Or the golden light in the evening when the day is done?

Life is just a long whisper, a slow breath through time.
Like the rain falls from its cloud, we all move through time.
I bet you’ll never think about the sad things in your life.
You’ll probably forget the foggy mornings when everything seems cloudy.
And the late and worn-out nights after a long, long day.

Life is just a long journey, a quiet walk through time.
Like a bird falls from its nest, we all move through time.
You may remember that little bird outside your kitchen window.
He sings a little song, wishes you a happy day.
You used to think he knew nothing ‘bout life,
but maybe