Who are you?

(Birgitte Damberg)

Who are you to tell my soul?
It’s a rainy day, when it feels like sun.
Or: It’s a beautiful day, when I just wanna
run to you, run to you.

Who are you to tell yourself:
”You’re no good at all”, when others think you’re great.
”You don’t deserve this anymore”, when others tell you
straight from their hearts: You truly matter!

Who am I to tell you
how you should live your life, only you know how.
Or to imply that I know a better way to deep and lasting
harmony. I couldn’t be more wrong!

We all need some help to write the stories of our lives,
noone can do it alone.
Our pen of ink is way too black, we need the shades of
gray from our good friends pencil too!