Why is it so?

Birgitte Damberg (lyrics/music)

Why is it so?
That we tend to hurt our loved ones.
You want to do the right thing, but you so often fail.
We learn that love and hate is two sides of the same story.
But sometimes the line between the two is just hard to see.

Why is it so?
That we see our happy moments clearest when their gone.
We rush through life just like the christmas shopping,
just to get it over whith it seems.
When its cold outside we hope for warmer weather.
But there` s nothing we can do so we might as well be glad.

Why is it so?
That the rain keeps falling down every fall.
Is it` s purpose to water the seeds in the ground?
Or just to wash our tears away?
The truth is we need it for both that reasons,
but that is the part which is so hard to admit.

Why is it so?
That we let the wind decide what` s important.
Why do we seek our wisdom up in the sky?
We all see what we need to see,
and everything else just vanishes in thin air.
The question is always more important than the answer.